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b Healthy Questions and Answers

b Healthy Questions and Answers

b Healthy Questions and Answers

We''ve picked out a few questions that we hear from time to time about how our home delivery service works. If we don''t get your question covered here, send and email or give us a call at 503.547.7859.

How does it all work?

It is really easy! Choose the items you would like to purchase and have delivered. Once you know what you want then submit your order via email, in person or call us at 503 547 7859. Otherwise you can decide if you''d like items delivered just one time, or on a weekly, semi monthly or monthly basis. We then pull the items you request and off it comes right to your door. Due to processing some delivery is made the first week following request. We take Visa/MC/Discover. Also payment can be make by check.

If you would like to submit to us your email address then we can keep you up to date on new items and specials. You can do so by a simple email and clicking here.

When do you deliver and do you deliver in my area?

We all over the Portland metro area. We usually deliver during the hours of 9am to 6pm Monday thru Friday. For now this is what we do*:

Our ''local area'' boundries• North & Northeast Portland (Vancouver to Burnside),. Northwest Portland (Downtown area, Pearl, 23rd, Portland Heights, West Slope). Southwest area (Tigard, Tualatin, Garden Home, Sherwood, Lake Oswego, West Linn). Northwest area (Beaverton, Bethany, Cedar Hills, Rock-Creek, Hillsboro). Any close outlying areas. If you can''t be reached in our normal delivery areas, you have the option of items being shipped. Local mail rates apply.

*if your area isn''t noted directly to your area... don''t worry we''ll get it to you. That isn''t a problem. We will ship it at minimal shipping cost via USPS.

What if I''m not going to be home?

You don''t need to be home for delivery. We come on the scheduled day and time and leave the product on your front or area you request. Simply leave payment under the door mat or some secure area, on your delivery day.

What happens when the weather isn''t so great?

Your package will already be in a tied recyclable plastic bag so water or wind shouldn''t be an issue. If it''s warm we make sure your product is in the shade and for anything else... we make sure we take good care of your stuff, we want to keep you happy with our service.

How do I pay?

There are a few ways to pay, you can pay in advance by check or credit, call in your order and pay by credit, or send credit info by mail or email or we can swipe a card when we drop it all off. As you can see.... many options. After your first order you might qualify so you can pay upon delivery, by simply leaving payment under the door mat or taped to the door. If you pay by credit card your product will simply be delivered.

Where does all the product come from?

This we can''t share completely. However all the product comes to us on order from our US distributor or local Portland businesses. We order it from our supplier or from the manufacturer directly. b Healthy tries to support local business and suppliers, since we are a local business ourselves. We try to get it at the lowest possible cost so the savings can be carried out to you. If it isn''t in stock, the product comes to you as soon as we receive it. We keep some items on hand but normally carry as little stock as possible to ensure your product is as fresh as it''s made and hasn''t been sitting on someone''s back shelf somewhere.

Do you have a store where I can come see the products?

No, sorry. We do from time to time invite our customers to a community awareness Coffee Shop. That information is posted on our weekly Emailer page. If you are on our emailer list... you will be notified when our next visit to the public.

However, if you wish to provide the space and want to invite a few friends and neighbors, we can come to your home and set up a Coffee Shop. When we do this we bring the coffee, tea, and a few other products of interest. This will give you and your friends the ability to sample, and see and purchase some of the things you love. This is also a great way to get ahead of the game on gifts for family and the holidays without the shopping chaos. If you wish to have our Coffee Shop come to you let us know by email or by phone 503 547 7859. Don''t hesitate, holiday time can be quite busy.

We host from time to time community awareness events where we will carry samples and product you can purchase on site. With these event don''t consistently carry all the same product so everyone gets to see all the product we carry over time. That being the case, all the product is always available to order. To know when our next event is, you can click into our weekly emailer, located on this site. Or check by clicking here.

Who do you recommend for nutritional information?

Dr. Furman. He''s not a local doctor, but he is excellent with health, nutrition, and dietary recommendations. I highly recommend getting his book called Eat to Live. It is geared toward those who want to either loose weight or improve their health, it does both. The following is the link to great information regarding this guy. Everyone is skeptical... but give him a shot, I don''t just recommend anyone. Click here for his page.

How about local treatments?

Highly recommend acupuncture! Right here in Beaverton lays a wonderful tool to integral health, a sound body and mind. His name is Brett Csordas. Specializing in: Traditional Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Shorin Ryu and Qi Gong. Located off Murray in an office building behind the Safeway. Brett is key to having your body, mind and soul in sound health. For more information on Brett and his services visit his website. http://www.3gemsacupuncture.net

We also highly recommend a massage through Breathe Body Works in St Johns. make an appointment or contact them via 503 330 2869 or at bodyworkbreathe@gmail.com.

Are you part of a small business and would like to know how to get these great products at a reduced price?

Please email me directly or call me personally and I can get you all set up. Email is karin@bnaturalbhealthy.com or by phone 503 547 7859.

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