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Relaxation Techniques-The Secret To Success

Relaxation Techniques-The Secret To Success

No Special Equipment Needed To Calm The Scared Self

It’s as Easy as Breathing and Thinking to Overcome Stress. You already have all you need with you at this moment to master a crisis or an uncomfortable stress reaction. Incorporate the following tips into your repertoire of reactions that you can call on at any time when you need to gain control. Practice them before you need them, so that they are a part of your normal reaction to almost any stressful event. Practice especially when you don’t need them, so you will be ready when you do need extra help.

First, become aware of your breathing. Notice if your breath is shallow, that is, if you are not getting air down deep into your lungs. A hallmark of stress reactions and anxiety is shallow breathing. The reason for changing your breathing is to get more oxygen to your body in order to control muscle tension and, especially, to your brain in order to think clearer.

Now, find a place where you can “collect” yourself for a few moments. For example, if you are at work or an event, find a quiet place where others are not gathered, even the bathroom or your car. Sit quietly for a few moments and just breath deeply. Breathing from the diaphragm is the goal. You will know when you are breathing correctly when your stomach moves with your breath.

If you can’t leave the stressful situation, stay where you are and change your focus from external events to internal events. The beauty of learning this technique is that no one will know what you are doing or experiencing.

Relax your shoulders, feel your body being supported by the furniture where you are sitting. Just breathe for a few moments, watching your breath go in and out with your thoughts focused on the air passing through your nostrils.

Secondly, here’s a novel idea! Stress managementalways starts with having the best, most positive thoughts. No matter what else is going on in your life, if you are thinking positive, you will be able to handle all hurdles better. I know, this seems like such a simple solution. You will be surprised at how powerful your thoughts are in guiding you through life.

Take this time to write down several coping statements that you can say to yourself in stressful situations. For example, “Even though I feel upset, I am able to control my body reactions and my thinking. Even though this is stressful, I have gotten through a lot before. I do not need to allow outside events or other people to undermine my confidence. I know my strengths…….”

Write down your strengths now. You will have more than you think. Remember, your strengths can transfer, and be called upon in many different situations.

Just putting effort into developing a coping strategy for stress will catapult you into an entirely new realm of functioning. It takes practice, but the reward will be to increase your self-confidence tenfold. Consciously incorporating positive thinking will allow you to become the person you have always wanted to be.