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Our Journey Through Autism Health Nutrition Autism

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What Is Autism? Where Do I Start?

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This story is about our journey through Autism.  In 2004, I had a normal pregnancy, and Kaylee was born on time and at a normal weight.   She was born healthy for the most part.  She rolled over on time, sat up on time, was babbling and interacting with us like a normal baby of that age would do.  Around the time when crawling would really start, we did notice she had a hard time getting her arms and legs up under herself, she was losing muscle tone and did the “army crawl” for months on end.  At one year old, she could say 3 words (mama, dada, and sis sis).

Then, on our way to the zoo when she was 13 months old, I look back in the mirror and she is having a seizure (a full tonic clonic seizure with her eyes rolled back and arms/legs shaking uncontrollably).  We went to the hospital where she had 3 more rounds of seizures.  After finding nothing really wrong with her and that her seizures were unprovoked, everyone was puzzled but could not give us any answers.  Shortly after these seizures, she lost all of her language and communication skills and regressed in many other skill areas as well.  She was quickly slipping away from us into her own world they call “autism”, where she loses eye contact with you, does not answer to her name, does not  play with toys in a way they are meant to be played with, and would rather open/close doors than play with her sister.

We had over 200 conventional tests done over the next year and a half (MRI’s, CAT scans, EEG’s, tests from neurology, genetic panels, metabolic disorders, endocrinology, etc) and they all came back normal.  They pretty much told us, “we don’t know what is wrong with your daughter”.  In this time, her immune system was in terrible shape.  Any little bug she caught her body could not handle it and we would end up in the hospital and  possibly have a seizure again, which she did end up having another round of seizures just 7 months later.  She was a little time bomb that could go off at any time.

In the spring of 2006, we started going to a MD Dr. here in our state that finally gave us some answers.  He is a Dr. that uses DAN (defeat autism now) protocall that uses biomedical testing and specializes in functional medicine.  Through him and his testing, we were able to find out some of the underlying issues going on at the cellular level inside her body. We got rid of the toxins in our home (found in many household cleaners and started using Non-toxic cleaners) and limited her exposure to the toxins in the environment by changing what she ate, her nutrients coming in with supplementation, etc.  She was finally starting to make some progress in her skills, both physically and mentally.  She had several things going wrong in many different systems of her body.  We were able to find out some of the causes of the seizures and work on detoxing her body of heavy metals, yeast, etc.  We started hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments and we think those were helping as well.

Over the next few years she had made some steady progress, but we were still looking for something to help her progress even faster.  That is when we decided to talk to a Naturopath Physician/Nutritionist a friend had recommended.  We had our daughter tested through her specialized testing and found out even more.  She tests your body and can find out what is going on at the cellular level to find the root of the problem, not just “band-aid” the symptoms.  It’s like pealing off layers of an onion…we keep finding out more and more of what is going on at the very cellular levels in her complex little body.

We were working on getting rid of viruses, bacteria, and candida 9yeast) overgrowth, along with stabalizing all of her systems. There are many amazing little stories I could tell you about her progress, but here is one of them.  Before this nutrition program, at 4 yrs old she still could not ride a tricycle due to her difficulty with motor planning.   Not having any idea of where her body was in space, where to put her hands on the handle bars for stearing or where to put her feet for pedaling. In just 7 weeks on this customized nutrition program, she was able to ride a tricycle on her own with just verbal cueing.  The therapist at the clinic we work with and the teachers at school were amazed with the progress they were seeing right before their eyes in areas such as attention span, motor planning, coordination, cognition, etc.  She was now starting to make more noises/voice influctuations, even though the  speech still had not come back…yet.  She was finally able to understand the concept of relating a picture with an object, which quickly led to her being able to have her own augmentive device or “speaking box” (a computerized portable little box she carries around with her to make her needs known). Just recently she got her own Ipod touch with the ACC App Tap To Talk.  Being able to communicate what she wants to us when we ask her has opened up a whole new world for her.  She is finally back in our world and interacts with us and her surroundings.

She is making huge strides in all skill areas and her overall health is dramatically improved thanks to this amazing nutrition program. She can now handle common illnesses like a normal child and she has been seizure free for over 3 years now without any anti-seizure meds (all controlled with a specialized diet and supplements).  My husband, older daughter, and myself have all been on this customized nutrition program as well, and we have remarkable improvements in our health because of it. 

I hope that this story encourages anyone that reads it, there is hope in this nasty realm of autism.  With the right tools and knowledge, you too can help your child come out of the autism world and back into our world and actually enjoy eachother again.  

I love helping other children/families with Autism (ASD, ADD/ADHD) with therapies and medical approaches (including nutrition, diet, etc).  Click the link  here for info on the nutrition program, find out more about this amazing program and how it can help you get on the right path to recovery.

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