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October  2013  Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

October 2013 Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

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Do you use a workout log?

I used to think it was a waste of time to keep a workout log(noteback, tracker, whatever you want to call it) but now I find it really beneficial.  Its great to track your goals, track your progress, and also see the impact if you are missing your gym time.  Did I have to decrease my weight because I missed the gym for 4 weeks?

I currently am using a free workout log notebook that my LEO got from http://www.bodybuilding.com.  Depending on the total price of your order, you typically get to choose from a variety of free items.  A small notebook would do the trick for me as well but since I have my free workout log, might as well use it, right?  I track the exercise, weight, reps, some notes on how I felt, notes on if I should increase my weight, if I used a spotter, etc.  This way, when I go to do the same exercise at a later date, I can look back and get a good idea of where to begin weight-wise.

Since I can barely keep track of my water bottle while Im at the gym, I dont carry my log with me  while working out(although many people do so that works too).  I typically just memorize my workout and then make entries in my log usually right after I get home from the gym.

Here is an example of a few recent entries into my log:

Do you use a workout log?  How has it benefited you?

Between traveling for work and vacation, Im ready to get back to a normal schedule this week.  I posted our menu for the week on Facebook so if youre interested in viewing, you can click to my fb page from the right-hand side.

As far as workouts, Im planning to switch things up and do something different than James Wilsons program.  Although, I love the program, Id like to spice things up and try a few workouts Ive pulled out of magazines.

I found this workout in the February 2012 FitnessRX magazine but also found it online so I can link to it and show you.  Its a different style than Ive been doing with James program but Im looking forward to it.  Before traveling last week, I did two days of it and I did the upper body again today.  I plan to incorporate 3-4 days of cardio with this program on non-leg days.  I also may utilize replacement exercises so I dont get bored.  For example, instead of DB Alternating Bicep Curls, I may do BB Bicep Curls.

Jamie Easons 30-day Knockout Total Body Workout

Im planning to replace one of the lower body workouts each week with a glute workout I found in the Oxygen Magazine October 2012 edition.  I couldnt find it anywhere online so I cant refer you to it ~ sorry!

I plan to stick with this routine until Thanksgiving then I may try another program.  I really enjoy body part training so I think an upper/lower body program could bore me after awhile.

Would you like to join me with this program?  Check in and let me know how its going!

In other news, Im finally on Instagramgo find me!  My username is HealthLEOWife.

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This is my pursuit of a life full of health. I hope you will join, stay, & participate. I''ll share what works for me and my lessons learned. I hope you will share yours as well!

I promise all of this fits together

Do you use a workout log?

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Disclaimer I am not a nutritionist, dietician, trainer, physician, therapist, etc. All of my posts/comments are my own view based on what I have tried and what works for me. I am firm believer that each individual needs to do what works and what''s best for him/her.

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