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What if we could reduce your back pain with a product that you would not even know it was there?

The magnetic clip on pouch may be beneficial for the following symptoms.
• Lower back and sciatic problems.
• Shoulder and arm problems.
• Stomach and menstrual problems
• Bladder problems.

It is a large 3000 Gauss magnet.
Just clip it inside clothing over the pain area with the magnet facing the skin. . It can be worn day or night.
Back Pain: The clip on pouch is a very convenient way of getting pain relief in the back without wearing a magnetic back belt. Inside the pouch is a very large 3000 Gauss magnet that basically works like a money clip, but you clip it inside your underpants or clothing instead
Period Pain: In the products early stages we found a number of woman would contact us and say how they would get some very good pain relief from period pain. All they would do is clip the pouch in the front of their underpants over the menstrual area.

Bladder Problems: We use to speak regularly are senior groups on magnetic therapy so at one group we found a few of the ladies who had a bladder problems ( same as some woman after having children). They would say that they would be too frightened to sneeze in case they had an accident. Well they tried the pouch in the front of their underpants over the bladder area and to our amazement got great bladder control. Some of them even wore it to bed and they would tell us how they would not need to get up as many times in the night to go to the toilet.

Asthma: The strangest feedback came as a result of a staff member that was a heavy smoker. We started to get telephone orders from customers specifically asking me for a clip on pouch for their asthma. In the beginning we would balk and ask why. They would tell me that one of their relatives or friends had got one for asthma and had got great results. Later we found out that the staff member had emphysema and use to clip it in her bra over her chest area and it use to improve her breathing. Of course she would to tell all the customers.
You see that asthma is the congestion of the bronchi which causes the tight feeling. Well with magnetic therapy, the theory is that the north side of the magnet is a vasodilator or in layman terms it opens the blood vessels. That may be why people constantly get relief from asthma related problems.
Prostate Issues: I have had some very positive feedback from male customers who have been suffering prostate issues. Remember how the magnetic therapy has the ability to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Just clip it in the front of your underpants to assist with pain relief.
Back to Back Pain: As for back pain, In the early days we had the back belt and body studs for back pain. We found that even though the back belt is great for pain relief, some people just don’t want to wear a belt. The pouch was a less intrusive way of getting pain relief. You can place it directly in your underpants over the vertebrae or directly over the sciatic nerve. The relief people get from this product still amazes us today.
Customer Letter: Dear Sir, I purchased the clip on pouch and use it on my elbow at night. I woke up to my first pain free morning since Christmas. I also use it on my waistband for back pain during the day and inside my shirt collar for neck pain during the night. My friends have purchased a magnetic pillow, water magnet and knee guards and all have found great pain relief with these products. Thank you, a happy customer, A Lew.

Is buying Australian important to you?

Well it is to me. After ten years in magnetic sales, it would be very simple for me to import my magnetic underlay and support range from China. It would be easier and of course more cost effective as well. But I prefer to be 100% Australian made as much as possible and able to provide a far superior quality to our range. Many of my existing customers tell me that this is important to them. I hope you will also support Australian made products as well. Look for the Australian Made Logo before you make your next purchase.

Included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ARTG163101