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Hiking in Philadelphia  Pursuit of Healthy Happiness

Hiking in Philadelphia Pursuit of Healthy Happiness

Food. Fitness. And everything in between.

One of the things I love the most about Philly so for is its design and infrastructure. It’s city living that incorporates nature. One block is filled with row houses and bumper to bumper parking, the next you’ll find a huge-and I mean huge-park filled with hiking trails. It’s amazing that in a city you can find places like these…

Wissahickon Valley Park is only 2 blocks from my apartment. Oh, heck yes! What better way to explore a new city and get some exercise? I’m all for getting your daily exercise in through different ways-a nice HIIT workout, biking, yoga…I’ve been keen to the hiking lately. Although I usually do get a bit lost, or turned about as I like to say- ‘turned about’ just doesn’t sound as menacing and definitive to me as ‘lost’ does. Maybe I should invest in a map. Actually, now that I’m looking at a map I realize that I’ve only explored a teeeeeeny tinnnnnnnny section of this gigantic park.

See that red oval? Yeah, that’s all that I’ve seen. Kinda pitiful, huh? Especially since Philadelphia was named one of the 10 best cities for parks in the ENTIRE WORLD, yes you read that correctly, THE WORLD. Philly has 63 parks covering over 9,200 acres. That’s 10% of the city-that’s a lot of land. Looks like I’ve got more hiking to do.

Good thing Paxton’s also a curious soul and can keep me company

What do you do to stay active? What are some of your favorite places to hike?

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