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Personal Health Management

Personal Health Management

Health Management is a Personal Action Too: Positive Action by You

Health Management is the term with which one normally associates [and most information available on the web & off of it suggests] the State responsibility in health management of its people as in HealthCare Administration; which mainly deals with policies, programs and healthcare spending, infrastructure and public health systems. Or the burgeoning private/commercial healthcare industry with ultra modern healthcare systems & facilities.But I beg your pardon for using the term but to suggest something completely different. Your positive action in managing your own health. A proactive preventive practice that helps you stay free from diseases and adverse health conditions.

I have seen or known very little use of the term in denoting a positive or proactive action by individuals in managing health with healthy habits and preventive practices. There are two broad initiatives one must take to achieve this: 1. adopting certain good practices focusing on Mind, Body & Soul through healthy behaviors, positive attitudes etc healthy weight management through healthy diet and eating habits holistic approach to life through spirituality2. managing personal health related information

Healthy behaviors and positive attitudes must be built into your daily routine. Though it sounds easier said than done, it is imperative in the interest of managing your well being. Avoiding confrontation in personal as well as work life, creating goodwill through small acts of helpful & kind attitude, minimizing generation & spread of negative energy by desisting from holding ill will & malaise against people around you and motivating people around you to adopt a mutually beneficial co-existence can all help you minimizing stress in daily life.Other healthy behaviors include creating & encouraging people to create an atmosphere where every one around feels light and relaxed. Laughter is the best medicine [or avoidance of medicine!]. Without meaning hurt to any one, sharing humorous news & incidents can help every one forget their worries and anxieties. Mutual appreciation for good work and helpful deeds is another healthy behavior.

Billions of dollars are being spent by people all over the world [America alone spends $40 billion a year] in their quest for a perfect diet for weight loss. Eat less & exercise more advocates Rebecca Reisner in this debate on The Diet Industry: A Big Fat Lie in Bloomberg Business Week. I would urge you to read the article, not just the pros & cons of the subject but also the comments section where users share their experience. What I noticed is many people believe that there is no shortcut; because eating right & exercising alone will help. People who commented say there are some honest diet programs but even those will fail without a proper follow through.So the choice is really in your hand: either eat basic and healthy followed by a regular workout that fits your routine if you are not already over the line and if you are, then choose a fitness program [notice that I am consciously avoiding reference to a ''diet program'' as I suspect the usefulness of most diet programs which thrive on enticing the desperate weight loss seekers with some crash results of some sort] that suits your routine. Then follow that consistently rather than doing it in fits & starts.Yoga is an excellent way of managing mind, body & soul. You could join an online yoga program and adopt the teachings into your routine. Joy Winkler of Universal Joy offers personalized online classes with a good philosophy which are fun and inspirational that will bring you joy all for your budget & schedule. Check out how to awaken your joy

The third most important aspect of personal health management is a holistic spiritual approach to life. Does that have any impact on managing health? Well, the answer is purely personal depending upon what your perception is of spirituality. Some people hold spirituality all as religious beliefs, prayers, religious services and observances. For non believers in religion & God, it may be some other deep passionate pursuit like music, art, reading, yoga, volunteering, singing, retreating into nature-anything that helps achieve inner peace. Since we are focusing on good practices for managing Mind, Body & Soul and there is a definite connection between the three of them, achieving inner peace enhances the sense of well being. Practice whatever appeals to you and set a daily routine for it.

holistic and natural methods of cleansing, using food and other organic means

Managing personal health data & information by individuals is an indication of responsible behavior in personal health management. When personal protection measures become inadequate and medical help becomes necessary, healthcare service providers who people then go to will find it immensely useful if healthcare seekers can provide systematically compiled and organized data about personal health.Michael Critelli, CEO of Dossia in Forbes deals with this aspect of people being responsible for managing their health & health related information in the article The Consumer Case For Personal Health Management Systems. It may be a little complex reading but Health Management System article at the Wikipedia talks of precautionary measures against serious ill health. The article also provides information about ''evolved defense mechanisms'' through deeper links which is the essence of preventive personal health management from diseases and ailments that I am trying to convey.

You will find links to two useful resources I share here quite useful in personal health management through online information compilation and retrieval:MSN service[Available at present mainly to users in US and select regions]Personal Health Record at WebMD

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Mind, Body & Soul-understanding the strong inter connection between them is important in health management. It is definitely possible to protect health by inculcating healthy behavior, managing weight through diet & healthy eating and through spiritual practices for total well being. Do you have great ideas about this? Share & discuss your views with other visitors!

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The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don''t want, drink what you don''t like, and do what you''d rather not.~Mark Twain