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Lose Fat Not Faith

Lose Fat Not Faith

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  • "A beginner who has no idea what he or she is doing will love this book"

Actual user comment from a popular fitness forum

  • "this is great... and very inspirational...it''s exactly what I needed"

Actual user review from a popular bodybuilding forum

  • "Jeremy''s material...it''s a phenomenal source of information."

Actual user review from a popular weight loss forum

Editors Review Of The Lose Fat Not Faith-

Lose Fat Not Faith is one of our only two five star reviews. Jeremy Likness and his story are a very motivational source of information and this weight loss guide gives all the tools necessary to make true lifestyle change.

About The Author - Jeremy Likness

Lose Fat Not Faith is written by Jeremy Likness. Jeremy finished the 2000 Body For Life Challenge as a top 2000 finisher and went on to become a Certified Fitness Trainer as well as a Specialist in Performance Nutrition.

Jeremy hates diet books that offer quick fixes to weight loss and wrote this book to combat all the hype out there in the fitness and exercise market.

Finer Points On Lose Fat Not Faith

  1. Lose Fat Not Faith explains why you need carbohydrates to lose fat.

  2. Jeremy explains why blindly following the glycemic index is wrong.

  3. Jeremy explains wht the saxiety index is and how it is vital to loosing weight and avoiding hunger.

  4. Lose Fat Not Faith shows you how sugars and syrups can fit into your diet and you can still successfully lose weight.

  5. Lose Fat Not Faith shows you how sugars and syrups can fit into your diet and you can still successfully lose weight.

  6. This weight loss guide will show you exactly how fats fit into your diet and the benefits that fat offers your metabolism.

  7. Learn how to read nutrition labels and aviod junk food that is disguides as healthy alternatives.

  8. Jeremy will teach you what supplements really do belong on your supplement shelf that aren''t really supplements t all.

  9. Jeremy covers the theory of food combining and if it will really help you lose weight and fat.

  10. Likeness will show you what nutrient that is already in your cabinet plays a major role in fat loss.

How Much Does Lose Fat Not Faith Cost And What Bonuses Are Included?

Currently the cost of Lose Fat Not Faith is $39.95.

You get four books in total. In addition to Lose Fat Not Faith you also receive:

  • The Training Encyclopedia
  • The weight training guide is 299 pages of exercises and training programs.
  • The Become Your Best Coaching Guide
  • This is a twelve week program to assist you by giving you weekly assignments and goals.
  • The Nutrition Guide
  • Twenty four weeks of meal plans.

The Lose Fat Not Faith Guarantee

This weight loss guide offers an eight week guarantee that states if you not satisfied with your purchase and don''t feel that this is the ultimate guide for "total physique transformation" you can e-mail him and he will refund 100% of your money.

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